Powdered|Powder Free

Non-sterile, Ambidextrous, Beaded Cuff, Smooth / Textured. Available in Powdered and Powder Free with 9.5” length. Use for examination, medical treatments and handling the contaminated medical devices to prevent cross contamination between users and the patients.


Size & Code

XS | GVLP001 (Powdered) | GVLFNW01 (Powder Free)
S | GVLP002 (Powdered) | GVLFNW02 (Powder Free)
M | GVLP003 (Powdered) | GVLFNW03 (Powder Free)
L | GVLP004 (Powdered) | GVLFNW04 (Powder Free)
XL | GVLP005 (Powdered) | GVLFNW05 (Powder Free)


100 pieces per box|10 boxes per carton